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Residential System Sizing

Our Residential system fits most applications. But if you spend over $1,000 per month on electricity, you may need a small commercial unit. Installation on either unit takes 1-2 hours, and can be performed by a licensed contractor.

Designing a Commercial or Industrial System

In order for us to provide an energy saving system proposal, we will need specific information to determine the detailed electrical requirements and types of equipment unique to your facility. In some cases, we will also take measurements at your electrical panel with our NIST recording meter for an initial study.

Upon completion of our evaluation, we will generate a proposal with a performance guarantee. At installation, we will verify the system performance through timed interval sampling electrical measurements and the actual electrical usage.
(See examples: Real Power - Reactive Power - RMS Current - True Power Factor )

Interested in Almost Free?
We offer a lease purchasing program for up to sixty months (with no pre-payment penalty), that will allow the savings to meet the expense of the lease obligation.

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We offer free consultations to design a system for your specific needs.

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