Save Money with State-of-the-Art, Patented, Green Technology

The USES power conditioning system provides superior surge & spike protection.

How does It Help Save You Money?

All these appliances and electrical devices will be protected from surges and spikes with the system installed at your electrical panel:

  • Home Entertainment Systems

  • Air-Conditioners & Split-type Systems

  • Refrigerators

  • Washers & Dryers

  • Dishwashers

  • Gaming Systems (Wii,X-box, Playstations)

  • Vacuum cleaners

Loss or damage from power surges and spikes of one or more of the above items exceeds the cost of installing a home USES system.


  • State-of-the-Art, patented Green Technology
  • Worldwide 23-year track record in thousands of homes and businesses
  • Extends the life of all motors in appliances and equipment
  • 900 Joules of industrial quality surge and spike protection for all electronics
  • A fraction of the cost of a Solar installation (one-tenth on average)
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why haven't I heard of it? 
    Until recently, the system has been marketed primarily to commercial and residential installations on the East Coast, USA. 1st Green Solutions Guam, LLC is now marketing Worldwide.

  2. How is the unit installed? 
    The unit mounts near the main electrical panel, and connects to a 30 Amp, 2-pole breaker. This allows for generated watts, power conditioning, and surge and spike protection to be provided to both phases (entire panel). A licensed electrician or contractor must install the unit to assure it is installed properly, and meets warranty requirements.

  3. Will it damage anything in my home? 
    No, the unit will only protect the home from spikes and surges, and recycle the magnetic field energy into usable power. Everything will run the same as it did before, just more efficiently.

  4. How long will it take to receive my unit? 
    Units will be shipped via ground shipping and take approximately two weeks to arrive.

  5. How long does the unit last? 
    The units have a life expectancy of 18-20 years under normal conditions.

  6. Can it work with Solar? 
    Yes, it is totally compatible with solar systems, and will generate watts and provide power conditioning and surge/spike protection. Also, watt generation will reduce the payback time for a solar installation. For those considering solar after the sytem is installed, a smaller solar array is required.

  7. Does it qualify for a utility rebate? 
    It usually qualifies for a utility rebate as an alternative energy source. Talk with your local utility provider for details.

Possible to Reduce your Electric Bill and Conserve
Our Precious Resources. Here's how…

By the time you receive it, your electricity has lost some of it's efficiency. Electricity travels through miles of power lines and multiple transformers from the power plant to get to your electric panel. The loss of efficiency can be as high as 30%, but still goes through your meter as magnetic field energy to all your appliances, air conditioning, fans, wells and all other pumps and motors. They cannot use this energy and waste it as heat.

The system converts this magnetic field energy into fully efficient watts, allowing it to quickly pay for itself. It senses the conditions that exist within your electrical system, recycling electrical waste and distortion into useful energy and "shunts" these watts back into your panel, 24 hours per day, everyday. .  The system increases the efficiency of your electricity to near 100%. Your meter will run slower, thus saving you money. See savings chart below.

This dynamic green technology has been utilized in thousands of homes and businesses worldwide for over 23 years.

Here's How Much It is Possible to Save:

System pays for itself in 12 - 36 months depending on your power company metering and billing system.

Details on the Seven Functions

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Beware of cheap imitations which only do one or two of these functions.
Capacitor-based units can cause motor-damaging harmonics and VFD-damaging resonance frequencies to occur and does not generate watts. No other product has these capabilities.
Accept No Substitutes - Buy the Best!