Commercial Applications

Customized Solutions

We offer custom-designed efficiency and protection solutions that are installed in parallel at the electrical panel, or at specific inductive loads such as: refrigeration, air conditioning, conveyor systems, elevators and large motors. We can also install on VFD assisted loads.

How Do You Save Money?

Our USES technology reduces the current demand through the meter, so you buy fewer watts to do the same job. The system also helps extend equipment life and reduces maintenance costs through the reduction of heat, voltage stabilization, phase balancing, and harmonic reduction in your equipment plus protects against electrical spikes and surges, increases the capacity of your electrical panels and it pays for itself in less than two years (typical). This all results in big savings for your company!

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The Seven Functions:

The system has seven different functions, which no other product on the market can match:

    Demand and Energy Reduction:

  1. Magnetic Field Energy Conversion — The system converts unused magnetic energy into usable electrical energy and shunts it back into the electrical system for your benefit.
  2. Magnetic Phase Balancing and Voltage Stabilization — High and Low Voltage and Current in any phase is injected into adjacent phases, reducing harmful imbalances and saving wasted energy.
  3. Transient Energy Conversion — The self-healing magnetic choke absorbs spikes and transients and converts them into usable power.
  4. Power Factor Correction (Resonance-free and Dynamic) — When the electrical Current and Voltage sine waves are out of phase, your system has lost efficiency. The dyamic nature of the system brings Voltage and Current into alignment, increasing your power's efficiency.
  5. Harmonic Current and Content Reduction — Harmful radio frequencies on the power line can cause electronic equipment failures. The system absorbs and converts these damaging frequencies into usable power.
  6. Surge Protection:

  7. Complete Low Voltage transient surge protection for your facility.
  8. High Voltage and lightning strike protection — Self-sacrificing components protect your valuable electronics.

Important Benefits:

  • Resonance-Free (Passive) — Free from equipment damaging resonances.
  • Dynamic Nature — Constantly correcting your power quality.
  • Maintenance Free — 15 to 20 year expected life under normal conditions.
  • Installed in Parallel to the load in the building — No negative affects.
  • Utility Patent verified performance.
  • UL, CSA and Government approved.
  • In the GSA Catalogue as an Alternative Energy Solution
  • Green Technology — Conserves our Precious Resources.

Beware of cheap imitations which only do one or two of these functions.
Capacitor-based units can cause motor-damaging harmonics and VFD-damaging resonance frequencies to occur and does not generate watts. No other product has these capabilities.
Accept No Substitutes - Buy the Best!

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In the following examples, two motors have been measured before and after being optimized with our USES technology. Notice how both the AMPS and the WATTS readings dropped after being optimized and the POWER FACTOR increased. All of this resulted in an overall reduction in energy consumption, which equates to big savings on energy bills.


  • Lowers your electric bill 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Actually generates watts from inefficient power.
  • Industrial quality surge and spike protection for all your electronics.
  • Provides full spectrum power conditioning for voltage stabilization, phase balancing, harmonic reduction and power factor improvement.
  • Extends the life of all motors in appliances and equipment.
  • A fraction of the cost of a solar installation.
  • Worldwide 23-year track record in thousands of homes and businesses.
  • State-of-the-Art, patented Green Technology.
  • System pays for itself in 12-36 months (typical) - Actually creates a positive cash flow with credit card purchase or lease plan.
  • 100% Performance Guarantee.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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